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I ain't trust Don King. How I'ma trust Mike? I date more daggers And I don't like dikes. Need a cleaner Nina Cause they don't bust right. I ain't stingy. When everybody see the plush lights. Buy rims just for the Benz So it look just right. Girls love me. Try to get the girls to love mike. All I need is a cup of kool-Aid. I got enough ice. All I ever wanted was you for me Cause that nigga who I'm wit Don't give a fuck about me. All I ever wanted was to be there for you Cause that girl who you wit Don't give a fuck about you.

You unhappy and I can see it when you cry. You look like ya life has just been minimized. I ain't cha man.

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I'm ya man on the side. You just call me when you plan to slide. And if you ever feel like you wanna creep All you gotta do is just give me a beep. Only way I won't call back unless I'm sleep. Getting my money or layin up in the piece. We hit the block, shop a lot. If it is a typical example of funny contemporary romance I am on the way to become a fan of the genre. It is witty, good written, light to read.

I laughed out loud many times. I love some of concepts which Kristan Higgin invented or used here, e. How many times I have had a food baby! The main plot is around, in my opinion, three points: getting over unrequited love family relationships love yes, again like between Elizabeth and Darcy. Yes, I know, it sound so familiar. P If it is a typical example of funny contemporary romance I am on the way to become a fan of the genre.

Perhaps you think you have enough of this. But, let me tell you, there is a pretty good chance you will change your mind when you read it. I have only two objections: the way it ended up could be better considering the rest of the book, I can't stop thinking that Higgin could have come up with a better way.

The second objections [I warn you it is a big spoiler] view spoiler [is that Noah died. I can see why it is important for the story but to make the important scenes which occurred after he died, I am sure, Higgin could have written something else hide spoiler ]. Save to these two things this novel is really good and funny. I have almost forgotten, I loved the moments when I felt that the writer laughed at me. You know those moments in books, when e. Such kind of drama. But no. Here, the heroine simply returns by herself from the forest. And each time when I was expecting a dramatic event and had none, I hear Higgin saying "hahaha, I got you!

My favorite quotes will confirm why I like it so much: He looked at the girls like a wounded calf might regard a school of underfed piranhas Annie was matchmaking, a disastrous hobby of hers that had resulted thus far in zero happy couples and two estranged cousins Ian looked as if electrodes were being applied to various parts of his body. I was just really excited about reading this one. But I was disappointed when I have to put it down for a while to run some errands. And it was late when I got home, and kinda sleepy. But I can't just forget this book and sleep.

I was so anxious to finish it. So I started flipping through it, went back and read a couple of sentences from where I left off; I finished it after two hours.

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Oh, boy. And I was right! It's another masterpiece from Kristin Higgins. I absolutely adore her work! I like the kind of stories, romances that she writes. They are always fun, funny, captivating and sweet. Always a good story. Her mix of humor and emotion never fail to amaze me. I love this book because of it's funny and emotional content. One minute, I was laughing out loud, and the next I was bawling my eyes out. Callie and Ian , are such a great and wonderful characters.

Despite of being complete opposites of each other; they were a perfect fit. And they seem real to me. They have their flaws, weaknesses, having the same every day problems like we do. But that's the whole point, right? To make them so believable that make you want to be friends with them. Callie short for Calliope Gray , is a fun, smart, down to earth and sweet and girl-next-door heroine and has a great sense of humor. And I loved her. She has been in love with her boss for a long time; but when her boss Mark announced his engagement to someone else He's a jerk!

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One thing I loved abut her is that she never give up on love even though she was hurt and got her heart broken. She's still hoping to find someone who will love her and will give her the happily-ever-after that she always wanted. I also adore her very crazy, bizarre and dysfunctional family, her quirky and good friends, and her dog! Ian McFarland , the hottie veterinarian. The complete opposite of Callie. He doesn't like people much. He's more comfortable with animals. Ian had some hard times while growing up but despite that he's still has a very big and compassionate heart.

Like what he did for his ex-wife afterwards showed what a truly great guy he was. It's actually sweet and refreshing for me. I don't usually encounter a hero like him. I'm really into those arrogant, jerks and bad-boy and oh-so-hot heroes. I like it that their love story developed slowly. I love watching their feelings evolve from hate to friendship and at last to love.

I am a fan of imperfect people finding perfect love. I totally adore Ian when he declared his love for Callie. The way he did it, so typical of his personality. As if he was having a hard time expressing and showing his love. Ian shook his head, closing his eyes, then opened them and took my hand. Not unless it comes with you. Not having you. Ian swallowed audibly. Even if it doesn't make sense. Especially Callie's grandfather, Noah, he's adorably cool. They have a great relationship and it was very touching for me when Callie moved in with him so that she could take care of him since he lost his leg.

Then there's Callie's Mom. I was laughing out loud when her mom decides to throw her a three-oh birthday bash in the family funeral home. Where do you mean, here? Where else? I adore Kristin Higgins' books. Her books aren't just romance. They also tackles other relationships that involve the family, friends, and even dogs!

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I highly recommend it if you're looking for something light, fun and entertaining book. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. To view it, click here. Callie Grey has been in love with her boss Mark since she was fourteen years old, and she works at his advertising agency, furthering her fantasies. Until one day, her thirtieth birthday as a matter of fact, when Mark tells her that he's dating someone else. She goes to the DMV and upon waiting in line, calls her sister to cry and vent, meeting a seeming impatient man.

A few days later, she brings her dog Bowie to the vet to check out the new doctor, Ian McFarland, only to find that that new vet Callie Grey has been in love with her boss Mark since she was fourteen years old, and she works at his advertising agency, furthering her fantasies. A few days later, she brings her dog Bowie to the vet to check out the new doctor, Ian McFarland, only to find that that new vet is the man from the DMV.

Callie goes about her everyday life afterwards while trying to studiously ignore Mark's new flame and get over her feelings for him. Ian is thrown into Callie's path quite a few times and she helps him develop a plan to make the people of Georgebury like him a little more and help his business. After an awkward encounter with Ian's ex-wife, Callie agrees to go to his ex-wife's wedding with him.

Ian believes that Callie is still in love with Mark and that puts the kibosh on their plans for the night. A few days later, after an embarrassing and crazy incident involving a turkey, Ian and Callie finally hook up and become a couple. Everything goes great until his aunt, the woman who raised him after his parents died, comes to visit and Ian and Callie have a huge fight about her defending him to his aunt. She leaves. The next day, Ian still hasn't gotten in contact when Callie is summoned to the family funeral home where her parents tell her and her siblings that they are getting remarried to each other.

When Callie goes home that night, she finds Noah, her grandfather that she lived with, dead. When Mark comes over when Callie is alone, she finally tells him that she quits Green Mountain Media and makes him leave, just as Ian is coming to the door. Ian comes in and he just holds and comforts Callie that night. About a week or so later, at a town festival, Mark finally decides that he needs Callie and she can't quit. Upon telling her that and ignoring her when she says she is not interested, he kisses her. Just as Ian is walking up. Ian breaks up with Callie and she tries to tell him that she doesn't love Mark, she loves Ian.

But he won't hear any of it and leaves. On the day before her parents' wedding, Callie gives Ian her precious Morelock chair, and that, more than anything, is a declaration of her love. At the wedding the next day, Ian comes and tells Callie that he loves her and cannot live without her. Eight months later, on the night before their wedding, Callie sits around with Ian and his brother Alejandro talking. Before she leaves for the night, Ian and Callie share a tender moment and they live happily ever after.

Admittedly, All I Ever Wanted took me a little bit longer to get into, but after about seventy or so pages, I was hooked. The crazy, charismatic characters and beautiful plot line pulled me and hooked me. Callie Grey was hilarious; I loved the running commentary in her head and the fact that Michelle Obama and Betty Boop were the characters that talked to her in her head.

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She was funny, charming, sweet, and all around wonderful. I loved her interactions with Noah, Freddie, Annie, Bowie, and all other members of her family, and Ian. I wouldn't mind knowing someone like her. Ian was definitely an interesting character and I enjoyed seeing him develop over the book. I liked seeing him go from the formal, stiff, shy vet to the smiling, lovable, somewhat open man in love.

I was heartbroken when he and Callie broke up and teary-eyed when they finally got back together. I disliked Mark from the beginning. I could tell that he was using Callie and playing her from the start. There was always something rather smarmy about him. I'm glad Callie finally got over him and was able to fall in love with Ian. The Grey family was absolutely adorable. I loved Hester and her daughters, but it freaked me out that Hester got with Louis the creepy mortician.

Her parents were crazy but I loved them, too. My favorites, though, had to be her grandfather Noah and her brother Freddie. Callie's best friend Annie was pretty awesome, too, and I loved when she was trying to play matchmaker with Ian and Callie. Again, this book was wonderful and I absolutely loved it.

This is the story of Callie Grey, a year-old creative director for a small advertising agency that just so happens to be owned by her long-time crush. When Mark starts dating Muri This is the story of Callie Grey, a year-old creative director for a small advertising agency that just so happens to be owned by her long-time crush. When Mark starts dating Muriel, the daughter of their biggest client, and even hires her to work at the agency, Callie comes up with a scheme to find a boyfriend for the sole purpose of trying to make Mark jealous.

Enter Ian McFarland, the new vet in town. Ian meets Callie in line at the DMV. Maybe she just needs to learn that trying so hard might be the very thing stopping her from finally getting what she wants. Some scenes made me laugh out loud and I really liked Callie, Ian, and all of the descriptions of Vermont. However, I did have some issues with the book.

First, Callie seemed both too young for her age, but somehow dated at the same time. I think this was mostly due to the Betty Boop references, which I admit drove me crazy. The thing she had going with Betty Boop and Michelle Obama as the romantic and logical sides of her conscience just seemed kind of silly. I think the book would have been a lot better without all of that. From early on in this book, I guessed what would happen and my ideas were all pretty much spot-on. Otherwise I think that after a time her characters and books will start to blur together for me.

Third, the pacing seemed a bit off. I think the first half of the book was spent with Callie angsting about her relationship, or lack thereof, with Mark. The romance between her and Ian was definitely on the backburner until the latter half of the book. Since this was told in first-person, we learned a lot about Callie and her family, but I think Ian was underdeveloped. Despite that, I did like him, which is probably why I wish Higgins had devoted more time to his character. All in all, this was a good read. If you prefer your romance clean and funny with just a dash of angst thrown in for flavor, you should probably give Higgins a try.

The first, oh, half of this was beyond painful. I admit I'd have abandoned it if a friend's review hadn't mentioned that it gets way better after a turning point. She was absolutely right and I have to agree that it was worth getting past the bad to get to the good though it would have been better to do without the crap up front. The problem is that Callie starts out as so very gormless.

She lets everyone walk all over her and she acts like she is helpless in the face of life or fate or whateve The first, oh, half of this was beyond painful. She lets everyone walk all over her and she acts like she is helpless in the face of life or fate or whatever. This smooths out once she turns her sights on Ian. And since their relationship is kind of awesome, that's where things really pick up. I loved that Ian was all uncertain and organized and shy against her energy and determination. I loved that they got along so well despite their obvious differences. And I love that they communicate, even at their worst moments and I'll note that view spoiler [the breakdown when Ian catches Mark kissing Callie was not a communication issue.

They communicated perfectly well after the event. Ian had to work through his trust issue left over from his ex-wife and that's what needed mitigation, not communication hide spoiler ]. Anyway, after the first third maybe half, I didn't note where, precisely , this settled down into an outstanding romance and I really liked the relationship developments from that point on—including progress with Callie's family dysfunction.

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This would have been a solid four, possibly five, stars if that beginning hadn't been so wearing. A note about Politics : While Callie uses Michelle Obama as the voice for her sensible self and takes the occasional pot-shot at Republicans singly and as a group , this isn't really a terribly political book. Callie herself is such a people-person and so fundamentally kind that I have a hard time seeing her being mean to anyone, regardless of politics. It helps, too, that Ian's mother a crusader for various progressive causes is portrayed so negatively for putting her causes above caring for the people in her life, and thus triangulating that, for Callie at least, it's all about personal relationships and caring for others.

A note about Steamy : I debated tagging this as steamy. Higgins pulls the curtain before the happy-times start so you don't get any detail. That said, some of the foreplay gets far enough under clothes but before removal I'm going to tag it anyway. I very nearly created a new category to fit between Steamy and Chaste for this novel probably closed-door or something equally lame.

As it stands, this is the lightest of steam in my steam tolerance and only just barely qualifies at all.

All I Ever Wanted

Callie Grey is a funny, spontaneous girl who is madly in love with her boss, Mark. He was the first kiss when they were teenagers. After a short fling with Mark, she is even more in love. To her surprise when she turns thirty, he gives her a gift but also tells her, he is dating the next company heiress.

She is devastated, decides to flee the office and get her new license. At the DMV she cries in line and makes phone calls to her sister and friend. The guy behind her is upset at her "verbal dia Callie Grey is a funny, spontaneous girl who is madly in love with her boss, Mark. The guy behind her is upset at her "verbal diarrhea".

Although, he can't be that bad if he has a handkerchief to lend. She decides maybe it's time for a new love, goes on a couple of internet dates and makes her dog visit the new hunk of a vet. Ian McFarland. He is not warm like Dr. Kumar, the old Vet. He may need help with a new campaign to help him gain more clients. Little by little they get to know each other and a more than a friendship begins. But Mark may want her back. I loved this book. After finishing reading it I just wished the characters were real. It also made me cry but not as much as her prior books.

The dogs are always a plus. Love her relationship with her Grandfather. Another winner book by Mrs. Mrs Higgins is my new best friend. This book was my refuge for an all too short, very enjoyable time. When the world was too much for me, I put on my headphones and left it all behind. I cried and I laughed myself through this story. The author effortlessly hit all my buttons. She is an amazing writer. The characters are extremely believable to me, everyone has flaws and foibles.

And I love how the Mrs Higgins is my new best friend. The narration of the audio book was simply amazing. This book was not read to me, I lived through it. I heard not the voice of the performer, but the voice of each individual person as it breathed and lived. There are very few voice actors out there who will do that for me. I also will repeat how much I like that in Mrs Higgins books the sex scenes are fade to black - without any loss of sexiness in my opinion.

Maybe to me it is even more sexy when those scenes are left to my imagination. And did I mention the dogs? And the nieces? I am in awe of a writer who not only writes great adult characters and realistic families and friendships - but who also gets pets and kids just right! They are important characters, with their very own character arcs. And yes, this book should be part of the curriculum for aspiring writers on how to write a truly scrumptious introvert hero. Jun 23, Allison The Allure of Books rated it it was amazing Shelves: loved-it , , own-it , chick-lit-and-contemporary. Kristan Higgins never fails to amaze me.

She is so great at capturing both humor and emotion. Some parts of the book are laugh-out-loud funny, and others make you feel like crying. In fact, I did cry once. I read the book in one sitting, and between all the laughing and crying, anyone that heard me probably thought I was completely insane. They explore other relationships: whether they involve family, pets or the community. Callie and Ian are such great characters: Kristan Higgins never fails to amaze me. Callie and Ian are such great characters: they are complete opposites of each other.

At first, that fact causes them to clash. Eventually, they come to realize that they actually balance each other out. I read this book via NetGalley, but I will definitely be buying a copy for my shelves when it is released. Kristan Higgins is definitely on my auto-buy list - her books are always spectacular! Her picture is cropped like a Polaroid: only the shaggy ends of a short bob, her full lips and a necklace on her bare chest can be seen. I still look at that and I see that. Eighteen years later, Orzolek is on the phone in in office of her director husband Barnaby Clay, in their Los Angeles apartment.

A shy, well-behaved child who still liked writing tender songs, something happened to Orzolek when she became a frontwoman, she says. She let herself go. Bang was me totally peacocking. And I loved it. And me becoming a songwriter … it came as a complete surprise. It was something I wanted to stamp on to the walls!

Orzolek still likes hearing the songs. They want to be scared and explore loss and death. Things that inflame the imagination.