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Uglies by Scott Westerfeld – review

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He's both amazed and horrified at what the city has done to her now, and sadly pushes the unconscious Shay into the river, forcing Tally to rescue her and let the Smokies escape. Weeks later, after her home city destroys Diego's town hall and indirectly kills Zane , Tally knows she must give herself up to Dr.

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Cable in an effort to stop the war. As she travels through the Rusty Ruins, she gets pinged on the Cutters' private skintenna channel, but the person can't speak, only send pings.


Even so, she soon finds out the person pinging her is David. He realized that with the Cutters on its side, Diego didn't need him anymore and so he decided to wait for her, knowing that she would travel through the Ruins at least one more time. He offers to help her and gives her an injector filled with the Special cure, mentioning that after she stops Special Circumstances from warring with Diego, she may want to change herself.

Then again, she has always been able to think her way around the tampered parts of her brain and so she may not need the cure.

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He tells her that her ability to think around brain lesions has allowed his mother to create a cure that works much safer and faster than the one Zane took. They've been able to sneak two hundred thousand pills into Tally's city, so if she can knock Special Circumstances off balance even for a few days, her city will start to change too and ultimately, free the world from the Pretty Operation.

Although Tally still feels guilty for betraying the Smoke and getting his father killed, David insists that it's not her fault and emphasizes that she's not alone; he'll be there for her when she's done dealing with Dr. Until then, he provides her with a safe place to sleep. He waits for her for a long time, growing more worried as the weeks drag on.

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He eventually decides to break into the city and rescue her, but it takes him ages to find his way inside, and even then he doesn't know where Special Circumstances headquarters is. Luckily for him, a flare signals him from the Ruins, saving him from attempting to find it.

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  6. He makes it to the Ruins within hours, happy to see that Tally is the one who sent him the signal. She knows that with the end of the Prettytime, humans may start getting greedy and hurt the Earth again. She tells David of her decision to become the new Special Circumstances, dedicated to protect nature from human destruction.

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    He asks to join her and she happily accepts! Tally and David have been traveling all over the world and finding mysterious, empty mass drivers hidden within mountains. Aya had found a mass driver filled with odd metal cylinders and discovered that they were laced with smart matter, allowing them to transform into a missile-like shape.

    In her story, Aya concludes that the mass drivers are a type of weapon that can launch the missiles and destroy every city in the world.

    Sensing an opportunity to get close to the alien-like beings, they send Aya a ping just two hours after the story kicks, warning her that the new Special Circumstances is on the way. Tally, Shay, and Fausto use Aya and her friends as bait to get captured by the inhuman beings. David, preferring to wait outside the city, tracks them all the way to Singapore. He was going to help them break out of the inhumans' compound if they needed backup, but he teases that his real job is to bring extra equipment and a hovercar since no force on the planet could keep Tally and the Cutters locked away.

    When they were forced to change their plans, David waits for them at "the usual place" halfway up the tallest Ruin.