Glass: Mechanics and Technology

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Glass Mechanics and Technology

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By continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our privacy policy. This second edition of a comprehensive reference in glass science, points out the correlation between the performance of industrial processes and practice-relevant properties, such as strength and optical properties.

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Interdisciplinary in his approach, the author discusses both the science and technology, starting with an outline of history and applications, glass structure, and rheology. The sections on properties include mechanical strength and contact resistance, ageing, mechanics of glass processes, the production and control of residual stresses, high-tech products, and current research and development.

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Applications include glazing, packaging, optical glass, glass fibers for reinforcement, and abrasive tools. The development of touchscreen technology showed how important were the design and resistance of thin flexible glass and these new thin aluminosilicate glasses are also discussed.

Preface to the First Edition. Symbols and Definitions Units in Parentheses. List ofAbbreviations. Glossary References.

Glass: Mechanics and Technology, 2nd Edition

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  4. Aspects of the mechanics of metallic glasses.
  5. An extension of fracture mechanics/technology to larger and smaller cracks/defects.

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