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Cyberpunk 'memory remixing' in Capcom's Remember Me [Video] | PC Invasion

Observer tells a mysterious tale that unravels itself the further you get into the game. Observer is a great exploration of many themes central to cyberpunk fiction, while simultaneously telling its own story that will keep you strung along. The original Deus Ex had a tremendous impact on the world of gaming, while simultaneously being one of the greatest cyberpunk games ever made. Where Deus Ex really shined was in player choice, both in how it presented it narratively and through gameplay. The game gives you so many options for approaching each situation that you can really do things however you see fit.

Sneak in and hack through doors and turrets? Distract enemies out of the way? Go in guns blazing? The Illuminati play a central role in the game, and would in the rest of the series, deceiving humanity and vying for ultimate control.

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Human Revolution actually takes place 25 years before the original game, casting you as Adam Jensen, the head of security for the megacorporation Sarif Industries. Through a turn of events, Jensen ends up nearly dead and only lives through the installation of tons of experimental augmentations. Like the first Deus Ex, Human Revolution is all about freedom, granting players the ability to approach any situation however they want.

At the same time, Human Revolution is an incredibly ambitious game that plays with many different themes. In almost every way, Human Revolution is a title that stands up to the legacy of the original Deus Ex, and even gives us an intriguing new protagonist with Adam Jensen. The most striking thing about Invisible, Inc.

Cyberpunk ‘memory remixing’ in Capcom’s Remember Me [Video]

The game takes place in after megacorporations have overthrown governments around the world and taken total control. Invisible, Inc. However, at the start of the title, Invisible, Inc. Like those games, Invisible, Inc. Connect with us. Continue Reading. Remember Me is third-person, from-behind, like Tomb Raider.


I tend to prefer first-person games, but third-person can work for me… IF things work out right. Clipping, obstructions, and inability to fully control the camera particularly when hanging off ledges can make for some serious frustration, especially during the fights.

Think carefully when making your combos as the pressens only do their magic if you do the combos correctly, otherwise your fighting skills become nothing more than a pointless exercise in button mashing. You just decide what pressen those attacks are.

No more watching Nilin die during fights. Conclusion: Remember Me had the potential to be a great cyberpunk game, possibly ten stars. It had a story line with some twists to make you want to stay until the end. It had the visuals to make the story come alive. They give you the tools to master your little virtual environment and then pat you on the back while you do it. As far as I can tell, the only reason most of these games are called "cyberpunk" at all is because their primary visual inspiration is Blade Runner and they feature synthesizer music.

That's fertile aesthetic territory, and Remember Me is an extremely accomplished piece of visual design. The skyline of Neo-Paris looks like a double exposure of Shanghai and Paris, and the effect of Parisian landmarks swallowed by technological sprawl is memorable indeed. So, ok, games and quite a few movies have taken the look of cyberpunk while misinterpreting its spirit.

What's the problem? Can't these just be cool-looking diversions?

PS3 Longplay [098] Remember Me (part 1 of 3)

Cyberpunk as a cultural phenomenon is three decades old, far older than most of the people who will play Remember Me. It's influenced by the paranoiac postmodern fiction of the s and the economic concerns of the early s and it's important to view it in context. The writers and filmmakers who made the visionary original cyberpunk narratives were genuinely frightened about what a digital world would look like.

The thing is, in , we're kind of there. The idea of a single evil corporation controlling everyone through a single technology seems quaint; surely the way we experience the dehumanizing effects of ubiquitous technology in is both far more banal and far more ingrained than Philip Dick or William Gibson would have predicted.

We're all implicated in the digital world; we all willingly perpetuate it. Beyond missing the point of the original cyberpunks, games that imagine a future controlled by an evil techo-cabal sort of miss a chance to actually criticize the way technology has changed our lives. This isn't a comforting thought, but if we acknowledge that the digital future is here, most of us are pretty shitty cyberpunks, and games like Deus Ex and its ilk are narcotic and nostalgic fantasies that we still have the power to make meaningful change to our world.