Shorty Harris, or the Price of Gold

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The main house has seen occasional use by back country travelers as an overnight spot, though others claim it's haunted.

Shorty Harris, or the Price of Gold: A Novel (Literature of the American West, 3)

Barker Ranch also held another of the great mysteries of the Manson gang and is still occasionally mentioned today -- how in the world he got a school bus here. Manson claimed he flew it up, but somehow he managed to drive it to Barker via Death Valley and Butte Valley. By the time he got it to the ranch, it had sustained damage to the bodywork, undercarriage and suffered slashed tires, but it did arrive eventually.

Up the road from Barker Ranch is the Meyers Ranch. This too, is private property and may be occupied.

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Mengel's home and Russell Camp may or may not be occupied. These cabins are open to the public to use on a short-term basis. Both have spring water provided by pipeline from Greater View Spring and contain some indoor plumbing. The Park Service usually keeps volunteer staff at one or both of these cabins, especially during the winter months. They recycle aluminum cans left behind, using the money for maintenance of the valley cabins. When I visited the Russell Camp in December , a young man was occupying the cabin, but had arrangements to be picked up by family that day.

A couple days earlier, he had completed three-week trek through the desert.

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The visitor had just finished cleaning up his camp and the buildings, and grounds, were immaculate. Fortunately, most visitors follow his example and do the same. This small cabin sits above Anvil Spring and its solitary cottonwood tree. Inside is open and cheery; a fireplace dominates one wall. There is a sink with a plastic 5-gallon water container with spigot. A table and chairs complete the furnishings.

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In December , I found the cabin spotless. There were food items, along with candles, firewood, games, books, magazines, matches and other useful items.

Shorty Starts Biggest Gold Rush in Death Valley History

The water jug was full, a thoughtful consideration. The cabin was built about Predating the cabin, the settlement of Striped Butte existed briefly here around Ruins of a stamp mill are found near the Geologist's Cabin, though this relic is from a different time period than the settlement. The complex includes a garage, repair shop, bunkhouse and several dwellings.

What is special about Warm Springs is the swimming pool. It was inviting on that warm September day, and someone had taken the trouble to recently remove algae and clean the pool prior to our plunge.

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  • At the complex is another relic -- the Gold Hill Mill. This is actually an arrastre, but one that was powered by a diesel engine rather than horse or mule power. The setup is rather complex compared to the simple drag stone setup common to arrastres in the west.

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    Just east of the housing complex is a large, gated portal of the talc mine, the reason for a population here in this otherwise forgotten corner of Death Valley. Equipment and other paraphernalia can be found above the portal. Grundlagen und Datenanalyse, 3.

    You can find AUDIO Books in mp3 formats E-Book review: Shorty Harris , who called himself "a single blanket jackass prospector," spent most of his 62 years wandering the mountains of Montana and the deserts of Nevada and California in search of gold. Shorty struck it rich twice, establishing two boom towns, but gave his wealth away and died penniless.

    Bevis's fiction debut after the nonfiction Ten Tough Trips, etc. While still in his 20s, Shorty finds himself on the wrong end of a shady mining scheme in Nevada. He kills a man who is about to poach on a gold strike, abandons his wife and daughter, to whom he never returns, and heads out into the hills. The author, William Bevis, has taken the assorted stories about Shorty and Bevis' apparent knowledge of the 's and prospecting for gold in that time period to weave a facinating story of a man who leaves everything in the search for gold.

    That quest was not to be rich, but instead to be able to search. For some, this will be a sad story.

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    For others it will be a story about what the search for happyness in life is all about. This was a marvelous book for me at this stage of life. Go to Amazon. Discover the best of shopping and entertainment with Amazon Prime.